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Open discussion of negative emissions is urgently needed

Article | 06-12-2017

At the moment, nearly all model-based scenarios that limit global warming to 2 °C or less use negative CO2 emission technologies (NETs), particularly bio-energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). Still, investments in these technologies continue to be relatively small, and concerns are being raised regarding the large-scale application of such technologies. If no explicit policy decisions are taken soon, however, it will not be possible to meet the climate targets of the Paris Agreement without the use of NETs. Therefore, as part of the discussion on strengthening current climate policies, policymakers and other stakeholders will have to address the role of NETs, in order to make an informed decision on post-2050 pathways.

Author(s)Detlef P. van Vuuren; Andries F. Hof; Mariësse A. E. van Sluisveld; Keywan Riahi
Publication date06-12-2017
PublicationNature Energy
RemarksThis article is available on the publisher’s website via restricted access.